Portland Travel Guide: Top Photo Locations

Portland Travel Guide: Top Photo Locations

Hi friends + Welcome to my first Portland Travel Guide!

I am so excited to start my very own PORTLAND travel guide series! i’m lucky enough to call portland my home + exploring this city has always been one of my favorite things to do, so i wanted to share my local experiences + places i’ve loved along the way between coffee shops, restaurants, plant nurseries and more.

This will definitely be the first travel guide of many, but I wANTed TO START off WITH ONE OF MY FAVORITE CITIES + HIGHLIGHT SOME WONDERFUL PLACES THAT ARE fun to visit + ALSO PERFECT FOR PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES!

To be honest, it was a challenge trying to narrow down some of my favorite places, but i managed to pick out 5 spots around the city PLUS A BONUS LOCATION that i love + are a little less touristy than most. i really hope you enjoy what these places have to offer + get to take some beautiful pictures of your own!


Located in Portland’s Old Historic downtown, The Society Hotel is an aesthetically pleasing dream between the cozy hotel lobby with the cutest cafe, to the rooftop deck with great views of the city. I had a lovely experience here taking photos of the beautiful lobby + sipping on an almond milk matcha while enjoying the views from the rooftop.



Portland is a plant nursery galore + being a plant lady myself, I can’t get enough of them! I love filling my home with greenery + lighting up the space with a variety of plants. One of my favorite local plant shops is Solabee Flower’s + Botanicals. Both a full-service floral studio + a curated plant shop, Solabee’s is a beautifully lit space with a variety of plants - and if there’s a place that’s lovely + has plants, you know you’ll find me there with a camera in hand.

Along with Solabee’s + the other places I have listed here, be sure to ask permission first before taking pictures, be respectful of other people + support your local businesses along the way while you create whether it’s by purchasing a sweet succulent or even a cup of coffee!



I seriously can’t get enough of this adorable coffee shop tucked away on a side street of Portland. There are so many things to love about Presso Coffee Bar. Between the floral wall, marble tables + the “Hello Coffee” decal on the wall - this place was designed perfectly for Instagram! And to make your cup of coffee or tea even more aesthetic, you have the option to put a customized design right on top - it’s honestly genius + makes a photoshoot at this coffee shop even more enjoyable.


Right next to the Hollywood Theater in NE Portland, lies this light-filled cafe that will make you feel right at home. With it’s country-side vibe, white walls, string lights + masons jars, Vivienne Kitchen + Pantry is an adorable spot for brunch + perfect for photo opportunities at every corner. Between their delicious menu filled with local ingredients + the naturally light space, you’ll be sure to leave this place with a happy heart + photos that you’ll love.


Portland is a wonderful place where one minute you’re walking around downtown in the midst of the city + next thing you know you’re in the middle of nature wandering in the great outdoors. One of my favorite places to get outside in Portland is Hoyt Arboretum. Filled with over 12-miles of trails + thousands of beautiful trees, this is a great spot for so many photo opportunities + exploring. Below are photos featuring the Redwood Observation Deck (one of my favorite little spots) + the A-frame picnic shelter. I absolutely love it here!


Bonus location! I tried to narrow my list down to 5 photo locations around Portland but, I couldn’t make this create this blog post without including the iconic St. Johns bridge. There are over 10 different bridges in Portland, but, St. John’s definitely has to be one of my favorites, especially for photos. Between Cathedral Park, the cute coffee shops + quaint neighborhood feel, the St. John’s area has so much to offer! I’ve shot a lot of photos here from couple sessions to portraits + it’s always been one of my favorite photography locations!


Thank you so much for reading + following along my creative journey.